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Guitar Club Magazine wrote

 "Those who love different, original, and musically ironic solutions, will find in Odd stuff they'll want to keep in mind... congratulations to Roberto Zanrosso."


HI everyone!

And welcome. This is the website of guitarist-composer-singer- Roberto Zanrosso.
Here you will get the news, you can join the mail list, eventually read some update I might be posting.
yes... guess what.. all the stuff you expect from a website



April the 10th 2018 

Odd has been one month on the market and it's already giving some nice satisfaction: some media decided to give us a shot despite me being  an unknown nobody popping out from nowhere. That is great. EVER MORE GREATER is... we are having a fantastic feedback!
Somebody is spending very sweet words for this music. 
Thank you all.

in these days, after a summer being an undercover rockstar  (AKA working) I'm back to promotion and organizing. something moves...

you want us? mail me.
And we really don't think there is such a thing like "too much press". All media, big and small are more than welcome.

you can also just check the video section here, with some Facebook friendly video ;)
just saying...


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